Cornerstone News

Meet Marnika Fields
May 24, 2018

“The moment I stepped into Cornerstone I knew it would be a different environment. I felt the energy from this place and I knew then that my life would change.” – Marnika Fields, Cornerstone Class of 2018

Meet Ashley Clark
May 24, 2018

“From high school I gained the best relationship ever and that was with God. I am the person I am today because of God.” – Ashley Clark, Cornerstone Class of 2018

Meet Kobe Bozeman
May 23, 2018

“During my 8th grade year, I worried about what high school I would go to the following year. But out of nowhere, Cornerstone started one…to me, it meant the world.” – Kobe Bozeman, Cornerstone Class of 2018

Meet MarKayla Bell
May 22, 2018

“The biggest lesson that I have learned in all of my high school career is that nothing matters outside of God.” – MarKayla Bell, Cornerstone Class of 2018

Meet JahJuan Austin
May 21, 2018

“God has changed me for the better through great instructors and teachers. I have grown dramatically through the leadership positions He has put me in.” – Jahjuan Austin, Class of 2018.