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Cornerstone Schools of AL emphasizes the necessity for Christian school teachers and administrators to have a solid grasp on God’s Word in order that they may be equipped to integrate it into their lives and teaching. As an accountability piece Cornerstone Schools of Alabama holds dual enrollment with Advanced Ed and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  To be accredited with ACSI there are specific Bible requirements. First, all teachers must be Bible certified as well as state certified. In addition, the following standards are upheld:

Students need to be taught foundational Bible knowledge as part of their Christian education. Unless they know the Word of God, they cannot apply it to their lives.

Captured in Birmingham on 21Apr2021 by Bryan Johnson Studio.

Knowing the words, concepts, Bible references, and even historical stories and facts is not enough. Students need to get to know the person of Jesus Christ and how he loves each one of us personally. Students also need to experience the personal disciplines of prayer, Bible reading, meditation/memorization, and service.


In addition, students need to know how to apply their Bible knowledge in various areas of their lives. They need to move from information to application and hopefully into discernment. This does not happen with paper and pencil assignments alone but with discussions, role play, journaling, activity in the community, and many other types of meaningful interactions between students and people who have become significant models and mentors in their lives. Hopefully these truths lead to changed lives which will be visible in character qualities we would describe as Fruits of the Spirit.


Finally, students need to see the truths of God’s word in all other areas of the world, including the academics they are studying and as they prepare for the careers they hope to pursue. The biblical integration of their non-Bible class teachers should richly underscore the truths they are learning in Bible class and vice versa. A Christian worldview should be knit together by what they learn, hear, see, and process with their teachers, parents, and peers and through a personal relationship with God.

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