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Our elementary school follows Alabama state standards and provides rigorous instruction through the framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme and Core Knowledge curriculum. Both of these challenge our students to make meaning of new concepts through inquiry.

We teach Bible daily and have weekly chapel to explain specifics about the Bible, while also aiming to develop personal relationships with God in our students.

We utilize the IB learner profile as a guide to character development. The learner profile is made up of ten key words that encompass a well-rounded and international-minded student.

IB Pledge:

  • With God’s help and for His glory, I pledge today to be caring, open-minded, balanced, principled, knowledgeable, reflective, courageous, a thinker, a communicator and an inquirer. As I do these things, I will become these things. As I become these things, I will do these things.