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Middle School Academics


CSA administers the IOWA Basic Skills Test annually for students in the 6ththrough 8thgrades to determine student success based on national norms. Formative assessments are administered three times a year to determine academic progress. a Character Self-Assessments are done three times a year to help students identify areas of character strengths and areas of needed improvements.



Our English department meets the state standards and follows the Alabama Course of Study with a heavy emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, writing, and reading. Students read novels at each grade level. Teachers  work together to vertically align the curriculum to eliminate duplication of subject matter grade to grade and provide a sequential flow of instruction. Writing proficiency is heavily emphasized to prepare students for post-secondary endeavors.



The History Department follows the state standards and follows state course of study for each grade level. Our middle school curriculum is transitions from the Core Knowledge Curriculum to the Middle school curriculum to align with testing needs.
Project-based learning, as well as other instructional strategies, are used to help students understand the importance of history, function of government, budgeting skills, and skills necessary to succeed in a world-wide economy.



The Science Department offers the following courses: Physical Science, Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Anatomy, and Forensic Science.  These laboratory-based courses emphasize critical thinking skills as well as integrating STEM based practices.
Problem solving skills are heavily emphasized in these courses as well as project based learning following the Scientific Method.



Our middle school fully implemented the Eureka Math Curriculum in the Fall of 2018 for students in the 6th, 7th, and 8thgrade. Eureka math includes both conceptual and traditional methods of teaching, preparing our students for higher level  math classes.




Students may choose to participate in the Band Program. Band classes meet daily and work on music theory and performance skills, and Band students perform at the Christmas Concert and the Easter Program Yearly. CSA and parents provide or rent instruments for students.
Band members range from students never having played an instrument to those with a few years of experience, and student progress is evident throughout the year.



All middle school students receive Spanish instruction through 8thgrade, and may choose to participate in Spanish I and/or II once they start High School


Other Electives

Elective courses are offered in Art, Drama, Computer Applications, and Creative Writing.
Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in the Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta Honor society, Yearbook Committee, and Interact Club.