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Excellence Together

Love, Respect, INTEGRITY, Responsibility, and Perseverance.

In Fall 2018, the students, parents, and faculty were given a list of common character words, including IB learner profile, previous upper school character words, fruit of the Spirit, and common character words from research. With the help of stakeholders, Cornerstone narrowed the list down to our five core values.

Excellence Together

In Spring 2018, the students, parents, and faculty submitted ideas for a Cornerstone touchstone. The team that participates in the Hope Institute, along with other leadership, agreed on the touchstone: Excellence Together.

In Fall 2018, Cornerstone developed a self-assessment tool for students and teachers. All students K-12 take the self-assessment three times a year, reflecting/goal-setting on each assessment and then writing a reflection at the end of the year. The upper schools have additional components to go along with the character self-assessment, including college/career paper and Biography of Wisdom. The High School has a digital portfolio of character growth for each student.

The elementary campus emphasizes one character word a month. This word is reviewed on the morning announcements, taught during chapel, and discussed in classrooms. Additionally, teachers work together to create a newsletter as a parent resource. The upper schools emphasize a word a week at chapel.

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