Academics Overview

The Cornerstone Way

Is transforming students’ lives by holding them to a high standard of self accountability and growth in academics, faith, and character. While each of the three emphasis areas are transformational, our emphasis on character development from K4- 12th grade is especially unique and innovative.

Character Development:

Character development is integrated and modeled throughout the school day.  Students learn to be self-aware and become self-correcting in their character at school, in their homes, and in the community. Our faculty regularly models, teaches and guides our students using our five Cornerstone pillars as a framework:  love, respect, responsibility, perseverance and integrity. 

Ways We Demonstrate Character Development

  • Students have a character challenge related to one of the Pillars every day.
  • Our middle and high school students integrate a specific character pillar into their academic work.
  • High school students attend a “Character Connections” class in which they are held accountable by their peers for progress.
  • Three times a year, our 1st-12th grade students complete a teacher-developed “Character Self Evaluation.”  This evaluation gives students the opportunity to create and update goals based on where they see themselves progressing with the five pillars and where they would like to grow.
  • During their senior year, students meet with a senior citizen monthly to talk about life lessons. Leading up to graduation, they write a Biography of Wisdom to share the wisdom they gained. At graduation, these words of wisdom are shared for all of our seniors and guests.

Rigorous Academics:

Our academic program is built on research-based curriculum, inquiry-based instruction, and teacher best practices.

Faith Formation:

Students are taught to integrate biblical principles into their daily lives through daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services. They also learn to create a culture of care for one another and themselves with a high level of accountability.