At Cornerstone Schools of Alabama, we know that students only truly succeed when they are surrounded by an entire community that is committed to their spiritual, academic, and personal growth. Each student at Cornerstone deserves a network of support that includes both their school family and their family at home.

Parents are encouraged to reinforce the school’s core values at home. School leaders regularly update families about goals and activities via newsletters, emails, family nights, parent workshops, the school website, and parent conferences. In addition, schools and families vigorously recruit stakeholders from the wider community to be involved (i.e., local businesses, youth organizations, religious institutions, government agencies, the media). These connections and partnerships impact and enhance the school’s comprehensive three point approach to academics, spiritual formation, and character development.

To ensure that both the school and parents present a united partnership to students, our expectations are clearly communicated in our Cornerstone Parent Covenant. These guidelines represent the best practices we have developed over three decades in service to the families of Birmingham. Each family is expected to follow the Covenant.