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Jordan Smith

Class of 2016

Gabby Bolden

Class of 2026

Nika Amerson

Class of 2016

Brian Poythress

Class of 2018

Dakai Tatum-Lee

Class of 2020

Donlencia Sills

Class of 2018

Tyler Poteat

Class of 2016

Alumni Spotlights

Jordan Smith

Class of 2016

Jordan graduated with the Class of 2016 at Cornerstone. Upon graduation, she attended Jeff State where she received her Associate’s degree in Communication Studies. She continued her education at UAB, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Communications with a concentration in broadcast and a minor in Spanish. She graduated from UAB with her MBA in August 2021. She plans to continue her education at Cumberland Law School.

Schools like Cornerstone must exist and need to continue to exist to provide young individuals a nurturing environment in which they will learn to make ethical and moral choices. Cornerstone also provides students with the opportunity to indulge in the curriculum as it relates to God’s Word, a safe emotional and spiritual environment with an inclusive learning environment where everyone feels supported and welcome. Students who attend Cornerstone are more academically challenged, exposed to clearer value systems, and given greater access to teachers.”

Preston London

Class of 2020

Preston was apart of Cornerstone’s 2020 graduating class. He is currently studying at Lawson State University to pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering. Preston is participating in NCAS, a 5-week internship where he will have the opportunity to learn more about NASA. As part of the program, he will participate in discussions, live video chats with NASA experts, and various mission design challenges.

I am constantly looking for opportunities to expose myself in this field and I felt like this program would do so. Dr. Thomas, Pi STEM E3 Project Director, shared about this opportunity with me and I couldn’t pass it up. I hope to gain more knowledge about the industrial engineering field that I am able to use to excel in my future career. I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for my future!”

Trinity Mullen

Cornerstone Class of 2019

Trinity graduated from Cornerstone in May of 2019. This fall, she received her Associates in Science degree after just one year. She is now headed to UAB to pursue a degree in Kinesiology with academic standing as a Junior. Her long-term goal is to become an Athletic Trainer.

Cornerstone prepared me for Jeff State by allowing me to get a taste of college my senior year. Taking dual enrollment classes gave me a dose of what it would be like when I got there. When I stepped foot on campus, I already knew what to expect. Cornerstone helped me to succeed and pursue everything that I ever wanted out of life. They equipped me for the real world and they made sure I was ready for anything that was to come my way.”

Deven Rivera

Cornerstone Class of 2019

Deven was apart of our 2019 graduating class. Following his freshman year of college at Auburn University, Deven was on the College of Science and Mathematics Dean’s List.

Cornerstone helped me feel prepared for college by giving me ample work and on par for into college courses. The teachers at Cornerstone also continue to help me to this day. By having built a relationship with me while I was in high school, I know they genuinely care for my success and will offer any help they can (should I ask for it).”

Rayvn Thomas

Cornerstone Class of 2015

Rayvn graduated from Cornerstone in May of 2015. Rayvn graduated from Troy University in May of 2020 with a degree in Rehabilitation. She is now finishing up pre-requisite courses before applying to UAB’s Physical Therapy Program.

Cornerstone taught me good study habits and the value of being able to adapt which helped me a lot during undergrad. At Cornerstone, I really saw that the Lord had given me a passion for helping people. I want to open a Physical Therapy clinic for low-income families upon graduation. I want to bridge the gap and provide this needed service to families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

William Stanford

Cornerstone Class of 2016

Will was apart of Cornerstone’s 2016 graduating class. He graduated from the University of Mobile in May of 2020 with a degree in Accounting. Will plans to use the skills he learned in Accounting to open up his own business.

The Lord has made me passionate about helping others. I want to use this passion to start my own gym. As I pursue this entrepreneurial career, my love for the Lord drives me. When I graduated from Cornerstone, I left knowing that I should always work hard and be consistent. Knowing my identity in Christ has helped me to be successful in college and beyond.”

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Will Stanford

Skye Alsbrooks-Taylor

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