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Grades 8-12

Character minded. College and career ready.

Now that you have a high schooler in the house, you cannot help but think about all the skills your teen will need in order to be future-ready, like honors courses, dual enrollment, and extracurricular activities. At Cornerstone Schools of Alabama, we can help you navigate these years — not only by sharing our expertise in academics, but by partnering with you to build strong character and even stronger faith for your teen.

We are the largest private high school in Birmingham, AL, and that means your student will have the opportunity to earn a diploma, complete dual enrollment classes, enjoy athletics and arts education, and much more. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:


We would love to hear how we can help your family on your high school journey.


Promoting a Love of Learning


At the high school level, every decision will have higher stakes. Should your student take honors courses, college and career prep classes, or pursue Dual Enrollment credits? Thankfully, our students have a college and career coach available every day to help them find those answers. Plus, we offer college visits and a free ACT prep course, have college recruiters who visit our campus, host a Career Day, and work with students who want a military career. For students who attend Cornerstone for Grades 9-12, we provide a $1,000 scholarship to the college of their choice.

Inspiring Electives

Electives and clubs provide a chance for students to explore their interests and try out leadership roles. That is why so many of our students enjoy participating in the National Beta Club and the Student Government Association. For innovative minds, we offer science and engineering elective classes as well as robotics.

Steps for Success

We partner with the Junior League of Birmingham on a program called Steps for Success, which addresses the need for guidance in developing college readiness skills and navigating the college and financial aid application process. Monthly sessions are held throughout the year to build success skills, set goals, and improve problem-solving and communication skills.

Distinguished Teachers

Our experienced teachers are not only experts in the subjects that they teach, they model Christian values and help create a learning environment that’s safe and supportive. They take a genuine interest in the well-being of each and every student.

Christ focused

At Cornerstone Schools of Alabama, your teen will get a faith-based education that teaches them not only what we believe, but why we believe it. The Bible is taught daily, and a Christian worldview throughout our high school curriculum.

Competitive Athletics

Our athletics program offers students the chance to experience the value of teamwork and striving to do their best. The high school volleyball, cheer, basketball, baseball, soccer, track & field, tennis, and cross-country programs compete in the 2A classification of the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA).

Let’s get to know each other.

Every new family has questions, and we’re here to answer them all. Just call (205) 624-5030, and we will talk through everything.

The Cornerstone of Success

It is no surprise that many of our graduates are recruited by some of the best schools in the nation, including Alabama A&M University, Auburn University, Troy University, UAB,  University of Alabama, and University of South Alabama. We spend four years making sure they are ready to thrive socially and academically whether that be in a four year university or a training program. Here is a high-level view of how we guide students through the planning process to select a career path and identify what level of higher education or training is needed to meet their career and life goals.

9th Grade

We begin by enrolling students in a career prep class where we guide them through college and career exploration. In addition, students are encouraged to discover interests, participate in extracurricular activities, and understand the importance of grades and transcripts.

10th Grade

Students learn and build upon good study habits and are encouraged to attend college or trade school visits where appropriate. We conduct small group conversations about students’ futures and suggest they participate in volunteer work, job shadow, and find a mentor. Students prepare for the PreACT, and we host a PreACT test site in spring.

11th Grade

Juniors are enrolled in a year-long course to prepare for the ACT and take the ACT in spring. They begin meeting with college representatives, go on campus tours, and attend Steps for Success meetings with the Junior League of Birmingham.

12th Grade

As seniors, their college and career coach meetings continue. With that support, they work on college essays and begin to apply. We meet with families to discuss future plans, and seniors attend Steps for Success meetings with the Junior League of Birmingham.

“My time at Cornerstone taught me many principles, but there is one lesson I learned that I carry with me daily:

the importance of communicating with God. In Bible class, we would spend a few minutes writing in our prayer journals every Thursday after reciting our memory verse for that week. This simple activity introduced me to the power of reflecting on God’s Word and being honest and vulnerable with God in prayer. Because of this practice, I have a very vibrant prayer life that directly impacts every other aspect of my life to this day. “

— Mar’Kayla Bell, Cornerstone Class of 2018, Pre-Med Student at The University of Alabama at Birmingham

An Education in Character

The pressure is on in high school as teens begin to understand the long-term impact their actions will have on future goals. We guide our students through this time by:

Developing character

We talk about character daily during announcements, and each month a new character word is chosen and taught by our teachers and during chapel. These character words shape our entire school culture.

Encouraging authentic relationships

Teachers meet students where they are academically, and they personalize lessons so everyone can succeed in their learning goals.

Fostering wise choices

We believe teens are empowered to do the right thing through positive incentives, so we focus on what they are doing well. We want them to see how good it feels to make wise choices.

See for Yourself

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