The Cornerstone Way

We believe that all children are gifted with amazing potential and unique talents. We believe that all students deserve an excellent education.

Here at Cornerstone, we also believe in developing the whole child for success. To do this, we have created a unique educational framework we call “The Cornerstone Way.” This three-point approach focuses on rigorous academics, faith formation and character development. Our model is different because it empowers students to take responsibility for their education, actions, and ultimately their future in three distinct ways. This allows us to strategically monitor student readiness, awareness, and formation in these areas. We believe The Cornerstone Way is the reason for our high level of student success, which includes:




student retention


persistence rate in college

The Cornerstone Way

Our vision is to be a world-class, Christ-centered school in the inner city. We offer that to your family at our private preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school through:


First, we provide rigorous academics. Our academic program is built on research-based curriculum, inquiry-based instruction, and teacher best practices. Our students are expected to do their best. This expectation was held before Covid and has continued to be pursued throughout and after, even with the large number of students we have welcomed in the last 3 years who have come to us below grade level.

Faith Formation

Second, we focus on faith formation. Students are taught to integrate biblical principles into their daily lives, creating a culture of caring for one another and themselves with a high level of accountability.

Character Development

Third, we focus on character development. Good character is essential for student success at school and later in life both professionally and personally. Character development is integrated and modeled throughout the school day. Students are learning to be self aware and are becoming self correcting in their character at school, in their homes, and in the community.