Zoei Fisher & The Evans Scholarship

Sixty years after receiving a full-ride to the college of his choice through The Evans Scholarship, Dr. Carl Sanfelippo, a Cornerstone volunteer, is more passionate than ever to make sure students today are aware of the same opportunity. One simple conversation about this scholarship, followed by the love and support of family and faculty, led Zoei Fisher, a Cornerstone student, to dream of opportunities beyond her reach.

Zoei Fisher joined the WGA Caddie Academy program and spent the last four summers on a golf course in Lake Forest, Illinois. New to golf, the program taught Zoei how to be the best caddie she could be. With perseverance, she quickly became a favorite on the golf course. “She carries the banner for Alabama everywhere she goes,” Dr. Sanfelippo proudly said of Zoei and her cheery disposition on and off the greens.

Caddie Academy participants commit to spending seven weeks on a golf course for the three summers leading up to their senior year of high school. Upon completion of the program, participants are eligible to apply for The Evans Scholarship, a full housing and tuition college scholarship awarded to golf caddies. While reflecting on his time as a caddie in the program, Dr. Sanfelippo, commented, “I know it affected me. I didn’t know it right away but eventually I realized I wanted to be like these golfers – lawyers, doctors, business people!”

Evans Scholars are selected on the basis of strong caddie record, excellent grades, outstanding character, and financial need. Upon completing the caddie program, Zoei went through an application and interview process to be considered for the college scholarship. “I never dreamt I would be able to consider a college out of state. Because of the Caddie Academy, I realized I would have more colleges to pick from,” Zoei explained.

Today, because of her time with the Caddie Academy, Zoei, who is now a senior, was selected to receive The Evans Scholarship. With 23 universities to choose from, she is most excited to apply to Ohio State, Indiana University, and the University of Miami. Her hope is to study psychology so one day she can be a psychologist for teenagers. “I have a lot of friends with mental health problems and they do not have a safe place to talk about what they are feeling,” Zoei said. “One day, I want to be that safe place.”

Dr. Nita Carr, President of Cornerstone, said, “Watching Zoei complete this program is the perfect example of perseverance. She worked hard and we are so proud of her achievement.”

Zoei and her classmates have opportunities like this because of the investment of partners like you. Thank you for the countless ways you continue to support Cornerstone. Your faithful contributions allow us to move our mission forward and empower students to glorify God. Join us is praying with Zoei as she begins the college application process.