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Cornerstone Students Surprised With Chromebooks

March 15, 2018

Surprise Chromebook Presentation

Valley National Bank, formally USAmeribank, Pop-Up Moment


Birmingham, AL – Representatives from Valley National Bank, previously USAmeriBank, surprised students at Cornerstone’s elementary school with 18 brand new Chromebooks. Valley National Bank recently acquired USAmeriBank and is committed to continuing its support of the local community. The bank asked Cornerstone to share its most immediate need, which led to the bank donating the Chromebooks.

“Involvement from the community is the heartbeat of society,” said Daryl Spears of Valley National Bank/USAmeriBank. “If we’re not involved, we’re not giving back resources, we’re not talking to kids and really inspiring them to accomplish their dreams, then we’re failing kids”

The donation of the Chromebooks helps Cornerstone in its goal of obtaining technology to increase access to electronic learning tools in the classrooms.  This type of initiative has been shown to positively impact student achievement. The students were amazed at the kindness and generosity shown to them by this investment made into their education.

“People really care about our kids and our community,” said Cornerstone President Dr. Nita Carr. “I think this is an example of how Birmingham… really Alabama… loves kids and cares about them and wants them to be prepared for the future.”

More “pop-up” moments are planned over the next few months as the bank provides thanks and inspiration to those organizations and individuals who help us move forward together, as one community.

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