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Cornerstone Athletics Boston Butt Fundraiser

About the fundraiser

Cornerstone Athletics is excited to announce our 2021 Boston Butt Fundraiser! All proceeds benefit the Cornerstone Athletics Program.  Our mission is to provide Cornerstone students with an opportunity to participate in “spirited” competition through sports. We provide an arena in which they not only compete but win, with teamwork and dedication. Our athletes learn how to practice Biblical principles, build character, and be an example to others.

Cornerstone’s high school sports programs are part of the Alabama High School Athletic Association. Our high school volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, track & field, and cross country programs compete in the 1A division of Alabama high school sports.


Boston Butt: $35.00

Boston Butt + Buns: $40.00

Please complete the payment form below to reserve your Boston Butt!

what you need to know

Boston Butt’s will be cooked and ready to serve. Each Butt feeds roughly 6-8 people. They will be prepared and cooked by Urban Cookhouse.

Available for pre-order and payment on Monday, September 20th. Orders are due no later than Wednesday, October 6th. Please pre-pay to reserve your Boston Butt.


Boston Butt Pickups will be the morning of Saturday, October 23rd at Cornerstone High School:

959 Huffman Road
Birmingham, AL 35215