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Jahjuan Austin


“Incredibly smart with a bright smile,” is how one of Jahjuan’s former teachers described him. During his tenure at Cornerstone, Jahjuan was unassuming but known for doing what was right. He was always in class on time. His homework was done, and he willingly participated inclass discussion. He made sure he understood what was being taught by raising his hand and asking questions. By his senior year, it had become crystal clear to his teachers that his quiet consistency was merely a sign of his maturing faith. Jahjuan had become an influencer among his peers. Whether he was asked to set up chairs for chapel or to speak as Vice President of the Beta Club, his servant’s heart was always on display. The young man who was once reserved in nature had emerged as a vocal leader. Jahjuan graduated from Cornerstone in 2018, and his academic career continues to excel because, in Jahjuan’s own words, “you can honor God in all you do, even academically.”


Currently a sophomore Chemical Engineering major at Auburn University, Jahjuan continues to garner the attention of his professors and colleagues. Jahjuan’s rigorous course load includes Thermodynamics, Transport, and Linear Differential Equations, yet he maintains a 3.17 GPA. Though focused on his own demanding schedule, Jahjuan’s heart to serve cannot be subdued. Most recently, Jahjuan was selected by some of Auburn’s most well-known engineering professors to lead a distinctive group of scholars who have the task of tutoring freshmen and sophomore students who desire the same level of excellence that Jahjuan exudes. This summer, Jahjuan is believing that God will create an internship opportunity in his field of study that will take his skillset and his faith to new heights.


Jahjuan emphatically believes that his relationship with God, his parents, and his Cornerstone family have helped him become the man of character he is today. Although his future has yet to unfold, there is an undeniable guarantee that his impact on the world will not be ordinary. When asked to share one scripture from the Word of God that would speak to Jahjuan’s potential, one of his teachers, with heartfelt joy, stated Proverbs 22:29: “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” Today, Cornerstone salutes Jahjuan Austin, and we believe his life can be summed up with these four words: History In The Making.