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Will Stanford

November 29, 2017

Will graduated from Cornerstone in May 2016. He is currently a rising sophomore at The University of Mobile where he is studying accounting and is a member of the men’s basketball team.

How did Cornerstone prepare you for your time at college thus far?

It’s no secret they [Cornerstone] care about academics and stuff. The workload they put on you isn’t overbearing, but it is more than you would have at a public school or somewhere else. The teachers really work with you and treat you like adults. This really helped me going in to college because of things like time management. I was already in the habits of doing stuff on my own so that’s probably the biggest way they helped me. I played basketball in high school too, so it’s kind of like the same process. I’m having to manage my time the same way I did in high school. There can be times where after coming in at 8/8:30 a.m.,  I am not leaving school until about 7/7:30 p.m. because of basketball. I am learning how to push myself, be dedicated to doing work and put academics first

What is your pipe dream as far as your career goes?

My pipe dream would be to get a degree in accounting and then get in to corporate accounting for 2-3 years. I want to major is business because I want to really learn how businesses work. I would like to get to the point where I can buy failing businesses and flip them around to the point where they are successful.

How has your intern experience been so far?

It has probably been the best thing to happen all summer. I get to still pour into these guys and teach them what I’ve learned going to college. That was one of the big things for me at Cornerstone…being able to impact the younger kids. Now I get to be back in that same position as I learn from Coach Agee every day. I have a passion for impacting kids. Basketball has been good for that because when kids see a guy playing basketball they automatically say, “I want to be like him.” I get to lead by example and show them the right way to do things. If I had to describe Coach Agee in one word, it would be awesome! I am blessed to be able to intern with him. I kind of look to him as a mentor. He tries to make sure I’m ok. He’s always been there for me. I could probably call him late at night and he’ll answer the phone and see what’s wrong with me. He’s always been a person I can look to as like a father figure, always there for me. He’s pushed me in the right direction and makes sure I work hard. He also keeps me in line with God too. He makes sure I am always doing what’s right and keeps me on track.

How has Cornerstone impacted your faith?

That’s probably the biggest impact it’s had on my life. Of course academics are important, but Cornerstone really taught me who I was as a person. I knew who I was but as far as my identity, it showed me you find that in God. And that’s the biggest lesson that Cornerstone ever taught me. That set me on the right path. There used to be times where I was angry for no reason and stuff like that. When I started realizing God loves me and He’s there for me, my identity is in Him and He’s the one who defines me, that’s how Cornerstone really saved me and helped me to become a better person. The faith atmosphere is just good. The teachers are so personal. You can always find somebody who is going to pour into you. Any one of the teachers or coaches they are always going to want to do it. When it becomes more personal, you really get to know God.

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