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K4 Cornerstone Application Submission

2021-2022 School Year

New Student Application - PreK

  • Student Applicant's Information

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  • Agreement

    I agree that the information provided in this application is correct. I understand that any false information may result in my child’s dismissal from Cornerstone Schools of Alabama. I also agree to support all Cornerstone Schools of Alabama policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook, Parent Covenant, and other governing documents.
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  • Family Information

  • School Information

  • Student Information

    If yes, please submit a copy of the current, signed IEP.
    If yes, please submit a copy of the current, signed 504 plan.
  • Additional Questions

  • Student / Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form

    The Student/Parent handbook has been created to provide students, parents, faculty, and staff with a clear expectation of policies and procedures that are to be followed at Cornerstone Schools of Alabama. The policies and procedures are in place to provide everyone with a safe, Christ-centered, effective learning environment. It also provides answers to many frequently asked questions. The handbook can be accessed at or a written copy may be obtained in the school office. Commitment to the policies and procedures outlined in the handbook provide better communication and clear expectations. This handbook serves as a basic guideline for the school year. Cornerstone Schools of Alabama reserves the right to change the handbook, policies, procedures, rules, or information provided in the handbook at any time during the school year. Parents will be notified of any changes made in the handbook. I have read and understand the policies and procedures in the Cornerstone Schools of Alabama Student/Parent Handbook. I will adhere to all policies and procedures in the handbook including the Student/Parent Commitments and the Parent Covenant. I understand that the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook may be amended at any time during the school year by the administration of Cornerstone Schools of Alabama.
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  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Parent Covenant

    Because we believe that education is only possible when there is support in the home, we ask the parents of Cornerstone Schools of Alabama students to renew their commitment to our Parent Covenant each year. The following is the covenant that we ask parents to sign: In recognition of the promises of Cornerstone Schools of Alabama to provide an outstanding Christ​-​centered education, and that my child’s success in school depends largely on my support and involvement: ● I accept the school's mission statement, beliefs, and strategies of education that are in accordance with the Word of God and Biblical virtues. ● I agree to support the school in upholding its rules and policies as outlined in the Parent/Student handbook. ● As a parent, I am responsible for the behavior and actions of my child. ● I will support the authority and any disciplinary action issued by Cornerstone Schools of Alabama staff. I understand that disagreeing with staff discipline may happen, however, I will not undermine the authority of the staff when discussing the discipline of my child/children. ● I will support the school in maintaining a high standard of Christian conduct for its students. I acknowledge that should my child's behavior, while under the supervision of school personnel, become incompatible with the standards of Cornerstone Schools of Alabama, normal disciplinary procedure will apply. However, depending upon the severity of the infraction, it may be considered grounds for suspension or expulsion. ● I will practice the principles found in Matthew 18, resolving difficulties with school personnel directly. If the conflict is unresolved, I/we will discuss the matter with the next person in authority. The line of authority is as follows: teacher, principal, and lastly president. ● I agree to participate in mandatory parents activities, including parent-teacher conferences. ● I agree to pay my child's tuition, fees, and expenses when due and in a timely manner. ● I agree to provide a supportive, educational environment for my child, which includes: o Making sure my child arrives at Cornerstone Schools of Alabama daily by the start of school. o Making sure my child follows the Cornerstone Schools of Alabama dress code. o Checking my child's homework every night and working with my child to help guide his/her progress.
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  • Media Release Form

    Cornerstone Schools of Alabama, Inc. is a nonprofit educational institution designed to provide a superior education at an affordable cost. We are neither publicly funded nor tuition-based. As a result, we rely upon the generous contributions from the private sector for the daily operations of our program. Public relations are a vital part of telling the Cornerstone story to the public so that we can solicit and secure needed resources. This involves promotion through the Cornerstone website, social media, news media, publications, brochures, and other media. It is therefore likely that your child will appear in publications and media produced for this school year and/or following school years. Please sign the bottom of this letter granting your permission to use your child’s likeness in our printed materials and publications that are used to tell others about our school. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
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  • Volunteer Permission Form

    Volunteers play an important role at Cornerstone and contribute greatly to the success of our students. Our volunteers serve in a variety of ways including mentoring and tutoring. All of our tutors pass a background check and are trained through our volunteer orientation. Our goal in utilizing our volunteers most effectively is to pair them with students whom would benefit most from their partnership. Please sign the bottom of this letter granting permission for Cornerstone to match your child with a Cornerstone volunteer if the opportunity arises. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
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