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We’re Growing: Cornerstone Middle School Announcement

April 14, 2020


Hello Cornerstone Family,


Let us begin by saying how much we miss your children! The learning and laughter that takes place at Cornerstone every day is not only enjoyable for our students, but therapeutic for the faculty and staff. Those thought-provoking moments and times of joy are what make our jobs even more meaningful. Although we have not been able to communicate face-to-face, we are thankful for technology that allows us to connect by email and social media. Yes, COVID-19 has changed how we operate, both as a school and personally, but this pandemic does not have the authority to stop us from learning, laughing, and growing.


Just as your children have received educational packets to help them to continue growing, we at Cornerstone have a big announcement! WE ARE GROWING TOO! How? We have leased the Lady of the Lourdes building which is directly across the street from our high school. It is currently being remodeled. This building will soon be the home of Cornerstone Middle School! This new addition will allow us to have separate facilities for our elementary, high school, and very soon, our middle school students. What a tremendous opportunity! 


We thought you might have some questions. So we did our very best to address as many as possible…

What does our new location mean for you and your children?
This new location will allow Cornerstone to be even more intentional in providing the attention, guidance and support our middle school students need. It will also give us the opportunity to open our doors to more children throughout the city.

Will the students in the upper schools still interact?
Yes. Chapel, electives, our TEALS and computer program will continue to operate as they do now.

Are accommodations being made for parents who will have to drop off in two locations?
Yes. We are currently working to determine a convenient and safe way for this to take place.

When will the new school open and when will you have a chance to see it?
Our goal is to open for the 2020-2021 school year. The building has to be renovated but as soon as the upgrades are made, a date for our first Open House will be sent out.

Who will be the new middle school principal?
LaToya Seals!!!  What an honor to promote someone within our school who has shown themselves to be faithful, committed, and has a heart for God, Cornerstone and especially our students.

Will Cornerstone hire additional faculty and staff?
The quality of education for our students will never be compromised. We will be hiring additional personnel, including new officers, to ensure that all of our schools are properly staffed. 


If you have any questions, we are available. We are also open to your ideas and suggestions as we make this transition. Thank you for your support and we hope you are just as excited as we are!


Continuing to Provide Excellence Together,

Dr. Nita Carr
President, Cornerstone Schools of Alabama


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