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COVID-19 & How You Can Help


what we’re doing in response to covid-19

Cornerstone Schools of Alabama reopened with virtual learning on Thursday, August 20, 2020. Please remember this situation is changing daily as we work to support our students’ continued academic growth while prioritizing the health and safety of our community.

As soon as the infection rate is consistently downward we will carefully consider reopening. We will then move forward with a traditional and remote learning plan. Parents are able to choose which plan they believe is best for their student(s).

Teachers and staff will continue to be financially covered during this time. There are no plans to alter current contract salaries.

Outside of these essential requirements, our teachers are going above and beyond to support our students as they learn in-person or virtually. We are prioritizing student support both academically and emotionally during this time. Our Child Nutrition Team is working hard to ensure that our students receive regular daily meals that are safe and nutritious. Thank you for your essential partnership!


donate to our emergency fund

Cornerstone will continue to support our students, their families, and our faculty and staff during this uncertain time through the creation of an Emergency Fund. This fund will help with meals for our students and their families, increased educational resources, and any other immediate needs during this time. If you feel called to help, please use the donation form below or donate via Venmo (@csalabama). You may also email Mary Claire McDougald for more information about how you can link arms with Cornerstone and our families during this time.



Join us as we pray for the following

Students: Pray that they would have endurance as they complete their assignments. Pray for joy and that they would continue to seek God in all circumstances, even when things don’t go as planned. 

Parents: Pray for patience for our parents for the duration, and supernatural strength to persevere. Pray for guidance and clarity on how to navigate these uncertain times. Pray for them to model peace, so their children will be reassured.

Teachers: That the Lord would continue to give them reassurance and purpose in the days ahead. 

Athletes: Please pray that they grow in their understanding of God’s love and purpose for them. Pray that they can find avenues to stay active. Pray that they will have peace during uncertain times in regards to their athletic seasons.

Cornerstone Leadership: Our leadership team is making a lot of hard decisions during this time. Please pray for wisdom as we move forward.

Community and those directly affected by COVID-19: That the Lord would heal those who are sick. That He would be comfort to families walking through it with someone they love. 

Fear and anxiety: That it would not rule in our hearts, but instead, we would be filled with peace knowing God is in control. 

Healthcare workers: Pray for strength and endurance during long days.