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Student and Donor Success Stories

Adair Taylor

"Going into this process I thought I was going to be the tutor, when in the end, I was the student.” - Adair Taylor, Samford student and Cornerstone Volunteer

Amaiya, 10th grade

“Cornerstone has positively influenced me to become more open with my teachers instead of keeping to myself. The teachers here show you that they care about you and always keep God in their lessons”- Amaiya, 10th grade

Mason Music

“Music is a powerful tool that can break through barriers, change people, and thereby change the world. At Mason Music Foundation, we believe that music is for everyone and the students at Cornerstone are world-changers.”- Mason Music

Meredith Alvarez

As a volunteer at Cornerstone Elementary, I initially thought I would be able to have an impact on the lives of students. It did not take me long to realize that these students were, in fact, the ones changing my life through their growth, resilience, determination, and excellence for the Lord and academics. The students here at Cornerstone inspired me to leave my career and pursue a Masters in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. - Meredith Alvarez,1st grade Instructor

Satara Murray

It was an absolute honor coming out to Cornerstone School and Northstar Soccer Ministries. [I came to] tell my story and to show kids that anything is possible with a little bit of hope and faith. It brought me so much joy, I hadn’t laughed that much in a really long time, and they brought me so much happiness. - Satara Murray, defender for Liverpool Ladies Football Club of the FA Women's Super League

Ronnie Baynes

I am very impressed with Cornerstone and coaching has been more beneficial to me than any financial contribution I could make. [These are] great kids who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and give baseball a try [and] I have seen first-hand the work of an outstanding faculty and staff that love these kids and love what they are doing. –Ronnie Baynes, Athletic Direct and head baseball coach

Caryn Wheeler

As a former Cornerstone student, my long-term goal was to come back to Cornerstone to teach. My teachers left an imprint on my heart and mind. They believed in me and pushed me to my fullest potential. They taught me that success is a state of mind, an attitude, and a choice. These men and women of God inspired me to do the same for others. Therefore, I want to inspire children through teaching and ignite their passion for Christ. -Caryn Wheeler, 2nd grade Instructor 

Protective Life Internship

My experience as an intern at Protective Life was wonderful. At Protective they value doing the right thing, serving people, and building trust. This taught me to run to my destiny and never stop until I get there. - Jordan, class of 2016