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Volunteer Opportunities

Tutoring - Mentoring - Enrichment - Career Day - Work Days

Cornerstone’s Women’s Committee is a group of women who volunteer at Cornerstone. Every fall they host the Harvest of Hope event.

Cornerstone’s Men’s Committee is a group of businessmen throughout the Birmingham area. They take the lead every May at our C. Molton Williams Memorial Golf and Tennis Tournament.

Cornerstone’s Junior Board is made up of a group of motivated, young professionals throughout the Birmingham area. Come join us as they host at Schoolhouse Rock every March to support the school.

Support Cornerstone While You Shop

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Partnering with Scholarships for Kids

The Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) authorizes donation-funded scholarships for low income students to attend qualified private schools. These scholarships are granted by a specially created Scholarship Granting Organizations (or SGO) for the sole purpose of taking private donations and awarding them to low income students in schools which have qualified to receive funds directly from the SGO. Cornerstone Schools has this relationship with Scholarships for Kids, a Birmingham-based SGO. Learn more about Scholarships for Kids and other ways you can get involved with Cornerstone.

Partner with Cornerstone

The mission and work of Cornerstone continues through the support of its many friends and partners. We invite you to prayerfully consider sponsoring the education of Cornerstone children by giving through the Partner Scholarship Program.

When you give, 100% of your donation goes to the Cornerstone Schools Scholarship fund. Your contribution will educate a child, change a life, and help renew a city.

These Partners Make it Possible

The mission and work of Cornerstone would not be possible without our generous community partners. Contributing toward everything from academics to athletics, our partners are making a difference in students’ lives and a positive impact on inner city Birmingham. Our thanks go out to all of you for supporting our mission and giving back to the community!

Below are just a few of our many wonderful partners.